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Leisure time is the time that one is out of work this depends on what time one goes to work and when they leave work. Machines can perform the same task continuously provided that there is the availability of power, human beings cannot achieve this because they get bored and also get tired hence the need of a break so that they can clear their mind and be fit for work, human have different taste and preferences they therefore have different ways of spending this time. Human spend their leisure time doing different activities this depends on the person some spend in in activities that add value to their lives while others spend this time in activities that bring negative effects to their lives. Human beings are free to choose how they want to spend their leisure time.

Exercising is good for human health since it helps burn calories this helps to avoid diseases such as heart diseases, it is good for those who spend the whole day seated it helps reduce back aches, weight loss or weight maintenance among others.

There are different activities that individuals can engage in which include the following running, walking, lifting heavy weights, dancing, biking, using machines that are found in a gym and lastly using resistance bands. Running, walking, lifting heavy weights, dancing, biking, using machines that are found in a gym and lastly using resistance bands are different types of activities that human can engage in to exercise their bodies. There are different reasons that people do these exercises for example for strength or flexibility. There is an institution that provides boxing classes and gym services.

They have different classes this is because this training do not require the whole day they also offer part time classes this helps to accommodate those who spend the day in their place of work hence can only afford a few hours for training after work, they have posted their timetable in their website. They offer these services at a fair charge to accommodate the low-income earners to promote the health of many people. They also train groups some people may decide as a group to go for this training they are considered by this institution.

They have a website where the clients who want to get more information on the services they offer can visit ,this website is updated frequently to ensure that the clients are in the know. They post some of the pictures of their student as they train and also take videos, by this they attract more people who want a gainful way of spending their leisure time or improve their skills and talents. They also have social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram among others clients can follow them to give their comments also those who are interested in booking classes can do so through the social media platforms or ask any questions.
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